Mixed Adult Classes


Adult 4 room 12
Leader: John Scott
Couples and singles of all ages.  Expect fellowship and equipping to serve God.  Standard Sunday School material is used.
Westside 101 room 5
Leader: Pastor Matt Ellis
A three (3) week class, usually the first three Sundays of each month, with class time at 9:30am during the Sunday School hour.  The Leader will share what our church believes, what we do, where we’re going, how people can grow and serve, and so much more. It will specifically be geared for folks who are visiting and want more information before joining but is also beneficial for new church members.  Anyone wishing to attend should contact the church office at 270-753-8640 and give your name and a contact phone number.
 Adults 3B room 21
Leaders: Gary Wallis
Class also known as the "Praise & Worship" class.  Diverse class of single and married ages 40's-90,s. Standard Sunday School material is used.
College/Young Singles room 22
Leader: Lance Mauldin
High School graduates - 30s. Class uses Explore the Bible material written for Young Adults.
Adult 3A room 23
Leaders: Pat Hutson, David Smotherman
Adults ages 40s - 70s.  Class uses standard Sunday School material.
Young Married/Nearly Married room 24
Leaders: Jamie & Katie Mantooth
Adults ages 20s - 30s.  Class used standard Sunday School material.
Adult 2A room 25
Leader: Ron Wright
Adults ages 40s - 60s.  The Bible is the textbook.
Single Adults room 26
Leader: Cliff Key
Single adults ages 30s - 60s. Some adults whose spouses do not attend church also attend this class. Standard Sunday School material is used.
Adult 2B room 28
Leader: Randy Herndon
Primarily couples ages 40s - 50s. Class objective is to grow disciples and groom church leaders.  Material used is a class option.