Christmas At Westside

Dear Church Family & Friends,

This coming Sunday is Christmas Eve. While we're excited to hear that some members of our church family are inviting family and friends to attend with them, we've also been hearing that some of our church family will be out of town for the long holiday weekend. We also realize that we're competing with families and their Christmas traditions.

So, we're going to scale way back for this Sunday to make it simple.


We will meet for our Worship Service at 10:30 AM. This is the extent of our morning activities.

There will be no Sunday School, nursery, or e-worship on Christmas Eve Sunday. It is our desire that families will enjoy worshiping together on this holiday weekend.


Our annual Christmas Eve Service will be at 5 PM. This program will last for about 30-40 minutes.

There will be no childcare for the evening service.

It is our hope that as families worship together this Sunday that we will experience a wonderful time of worshiping our Savior together. With children in the sanctuary, it may get a bit noisy at times but that's OK. We're a family of friends worshiping together and as long as the Lord enjoys the worship service, that's all that matters.

See you Sunday!

Love ya,

Pastor Matt