What to Expect

We believe that you will find Westside Baptist Church to be a very caring, family-friendly congregation that welcomes anyone and everyone. We want you to discover the joy that we share when we come together to enjoy each other's company and as we worship our God. If you are planning to visit on a Sunday morning, here are some hints to help you find your way around and know what to expect.


Getting Here

Westside Baptist Church is located at 207 Robertson Road South in Murray, KY. Parking is not a problem. We have several lots that surround the church.

The primary entrance is through the glass doors under the breezeway adjacent to our main parking lot. On Sunday mornings before Sunday School a Deacon will be at that entrance to welcome you and help in any way that he can.


Sunday School

Upon entering the building, the greeter can assist in your search for a Sunday School class or you can visit the Welcome Center. Volunteers will help you find a Bible Study class that is appropriate to your age and life stage. Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m.



After Sunday School, our morning worship begins at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Any of our members will be happy to help guide you there. Please take the opportunity before the service starts to silence all audible pagers, cell phones, and watch alarms.

At some point during your time at Westside please take the opportunity to fill out the informational form inside our weekly bulletin. It will give us an opportunity to know you better and thank you for visiting with us. You may place that information in the offering plate or give it to a volunteer at the Welcome Center.

At Westside, we refuse to engage in "worship wars." We realize that whether a song is old or new, if it gives us the words to worship our great God, then we will sing it. The words to these great songs will be projected onto the screen behind the choir so that you can keep your head lifted high in praise as you worship.


After Worship

One of our ministers will be down front or in the main lobby after the service and would love to greet you personally.


Westside 101

We realize that choosing a church home is a big decision. To make it easier, we offer a 3 week class on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Westside 101 is a no-strings-attached class taught by our Pastor. This time allows him to get to know each guest, answer their questions and share with them things like what our church believes, how we operate, what sets us apart, and how members can grow and serve. Some guests have attended this class and then joined Westside. Others have attended and come to the conclusion that Westside wasn't for them. Either option is fine. We simply want to provide an opportunity to help folks make an informed choice in their search for a church home.

If you want to attend this 3 week class, simply call the church office to sign up (270-753-8240) or email the pastor at mellis@wbcmurray.org.