Becoming a Member

Why join a church?

Church membership provides a place for service and ministry, gives opportunity for the disciplines of accountability to be properly expressed, and allows the discernment of the body of Christ to take place as the church lives out her mission and ministry in a community.

We would like to invite you to consider making Westside Baptist Church your church home.


How do I join?

There are several ways a person may join Westside Baptist Church:

(1) By profession of faith in Christ and request for baptism.

(2) By promise of a letter of recommendation from another Baptist Church of like faith and order.

(3) By restoration based upon a prior conversion experience and baptism in a Baptist church of like faith and order when no letter is obtainable.

(4) If coming from another Christian denomination, by statement of a prior conversion experience and believer’s baptism by immersion. If baptism was (a) not by immersion or (b) not done as an act of obedience symbolizing one’s faith relationship with Jesus Christ, then the person requesting membership must be baptized.

Regardless of your church background, we invite you to speak to our minister about your decision, so we may answer questions you might have regarding membership. The most important thing to us is that you have every opportunity to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We believe that church membership is an important element in this growth process.